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Pathological Reading

Edited by James Kennaway and Anita O'Connell

The collection considers eighteenth and nineteenth-century discourses on the health hazards of reading in their medical, cultural, and political context.


Guest Editors’ Introduction: Pathological Reading
James Kennaway and Anita O’Connell

Two Kinds of “Literary Poison”: Diseases of the Learned and Overstimulating Novels in Georgian Britain
James Kennaway

Toxic Texts and Reading Remedies: Literary Medicine in Eighteenth-Century Print Cultures
Ashleigh Blackwood

The Medical Dangers of Literary Genius
Sharon Ruston

Leaky Bodies, Bawdy Books: Gonorrhea and Reading in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Darren N. Wagner

The Visceral Novel Reader and Novelized Medicine in Georgian Britain
Monika Class

French Hoffmania: Théophile Gautier’s “Onuphrius” (1833) and the Critique of the Etiology of Pathological Reading
Victoire Feuillebois

Werther Goes Viral: Suicide, Textual Contagion, and Infectious Sympathy
Michelle Faubert

Radical Contagion in Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine
Jessica Roberts

The Lazy Reader: Labor, Books, and Disease in Nineteenth-Century Germany
Norman Aselmeyer

The Discourse on Dangerous Reading in Nineteenth-Century Latvia
Pauls Daija and Eva Eglāja-Kristsone

Reading Disorders: Pro-Eating Disorder Rhetoric and Anorexia Life-Writing
Emma Seaber

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